Wendy Miller

Bellingham, Washington

Around 2010, a tremulous thumb became a tremulous hand, and, after many inconclusive movement disorder visits, I was ultimately diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In shock by the news, I became isolated, depressed, anxious, and ashamed. The two years following my diagnosis proved very difficult as I adjusted to my new reality. After reaching my lowest point, a visit to the Mayo Clinic gave me the help I needed through their patient-centered teamwork. Re-energized with the right empathy and medication, I struck out to live well with Parkinson’s.

I believe that the intention to live well with Parkinson’s is very prevalent within my tribe in Bellingham, Washington, and the whole community cheers us on. Through my deep admiration for the Foundation’s goals and values and my personal desire to help others see the world through the lens of potential, becoming an Ambassador was my next step in living well.

On a perfect day, you’ll find me conversing and laughing with those I love most. Caring deeply about fairness and compassion, I am passionate about helping others live as fully as possible with the vicissitudes of Parkinson’s and bringing them what they need to succeed.

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