Pat Donahoo

Las Vegas, Nevada

My wife Cidney was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 at age 47 after a four-year journey to a diagnosis. Cidney came across the Davis Phinney Foundation as she was researching Parkinson’s, and together we actively embraced the Foundation’s philosophy of living well today. Living well has kept us off the couch and helped us build an active lifestyle we both follow.

I am in my second career as a teacher, a change prompted by Cidney’s diagnosis, and I am also an avid cyclist riding many events as part of Team DPF. Cidney and I are very involved in our Parkinson’s community in Las Vegas to spread the message that it is possible to live well today with Parkinson’s. Our credibility is amplified by being Ambassadors, and we can help so many people now to live well with Parkinson’s. Many difficulties come with being a Parkinson’s care partner, but I also feel like I have a better sense of what everything is ultimately about. I love my wife and will do whatever is needed to make the best life possible for her.

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