Barb Matheny

Findlay, Ohio

I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s in January of 2021; I had been misdiagnosed with an essential tremor a year before that. The tremor in my hand did not seem normal and I pursued a neurologist appointment despite my GP saying I didn’t need one. A friend recommended a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic.

After one day of asking “Why me?”, I actively sought to educate myself and to do everything in my power to fight this disease. I wear four pieces of jewelry that remind me daily of what living well means: Stamped on ring is “Aspire to Inspire”; Stamped on bracelets are “An Attitude of Gratitude” and “Keep on Living”; I have a necklace with “Warrior” on it.

As a teacher for 30 years and then a yoga studio owner/instructor for the last 10, my passion is helping others and sharing my enthusiasm for leading a healthy lifestyle. I want to give back to the community that has given me so much and make a difference for others affected by Parkinson’s.

I am married to my husband of 46 years, and we have one married son. He and his wife have given us three adorable grandchildren who we get to see often and are the love of my life! I like to read, do crafts, and go for long walks with our Cavapoo. I exercise several hours every day—a schedule of Qigong, yoga, Rock Steady Boxing, swimming, cardio drumming, and weight training. I have wonderful, supportive friends who participate with me in all these activities.

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