Jane Davis

Denver, Colorado

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 67. It caught me off guard, and while I burst into tears upon hearing it, I also vowed to do everything I could to fight it and live as fully as possible.

Fortunately, from resources produced by the Davis Phinney Foundation, I learned what I needed to do to take care of myself: lifestyle change (slow down!); meditation (calm down!); improved diet; and targeted exercise. I opened up to family and friends, joined a support group, and began attending Parkinson’s exercise classes (in addition to my other regular exercise classes). All have made my social network even more extensive than before my diagnosis.

My life is fuller than before my diagnosis. I wouldn’t wish Parkinson’s on anyone, but it has taught me the benefits of approaching each day with gratitude and joy. I look forward to being able to help others who are traveling a similar path.

When I’m not at a Parkinson’s support group or exercise class, you’ll find me walking three days a week with the walking group I’ve been with for 30 years, sharing tips with members of our investment group who I have been meeting with for 30 years, and enjoying any number of outdoor activities with my husband of 50 years.

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