Pam Daniger

Granada Hills, California

Parkinson’s “officially” joined our family in June 2019 after two years of “pre-intro symptoms” (multiple UTIs, slight foot drag, unexplained sadness, toe curls, slight tremors). Though this uninvited guest brought baggage full of unknowns and challenges, having a name to it offered relief. My husband and I left the neurologist, second opinion and Sinemet in hand, and thought, “What in the world is Parkinson’s?”

As a retired Kindergarten teacher, I spent my career encouraging parents not to push their little ones into more demanding curricular activities but instead, to allow them time to play, grow, and develop. I called this the “Gift of Time.” Living WELL with Parkinson’s is utilizing MY Gift of Time. There are negatives, of course, but Parkinson’s has given me time—for new recipes, new friendships, boxing, and Krav Maga (!). Through scripture, I am reminded there is a purpose in everything and I’m not alone. With DPF, I remember I’ve got support.

The DPF site is the most informative, personable, helpful, and positive resource I know. I clicked to receive the Every Victory Counts Manual® expecting a pamphlet. What a resource! It has changed my life. This manual helped me to make a commitment to myself and my family that I would not just live with Parkinson’s, I would live WELL each day.

My faith and my family are my heartbeats. On most Sundays, you will find me in my backyard with my husband, two German shepherds and a fire in my fire pit while gardening and Face Timing our five grandchildren.

I’m living WELL and enjoying my new Gift of Time.

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