Helen Power

Felton, California

In April 2017, Helen never thought a trip to the doctor for an odd feeling in her arm would end with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. However, from that day on, with the help of her supportive husband, a remarkable movement specialist neurologist, and some internet exploring, Helen has built an all-encompassing care program focused around healthy living: lots of exercise, yoga, friends, diet, and sleep.   

For Helen, living well with Parkinson’s means continuing to try to do everything with enthusiasm and optimism. She says, “It’s hard to have Parkinson’s. You doesn’t choose to, but you can choose how to have it.” Through the Davis Phinney Foundation, Helen discovered the value of committing to living each day well and to looking for victories with each day. Helen now accepts Parkinson’s as something she has while staying busy living life to the fullest.  

Helen became an Ambassador as a way of paying back the support she has received in all aspects of her life. She is excited by the opportunity to expand her Parkinson’s community with this role and the opportunity to encourage people with Parkinson’s that they can do “it,” no matter what “it” is.

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