Kevin Schmid

Great Falls, Montana

In late 2013, Kevin and his family were finalizing a sailing trip when his wife noticed him having trouble with his right arm. She became concerned that he might be having a stroke or something similar, but, when an MRI came up negative, she began researching Parkinson’s symptoms. Desperate for answers, they were able to see a neurologist early in January 2014, at which point Kevin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Kevin’s wife gently pointed out to him that this was not the end of his life, merely a change in its direction, and he had two choices: he could take it lying down and let it define him or he could fight like crazy, living the best life he could while doing the things he loved and setting examples for others. Of course, he chose the latter, and his journey with Parkinson’s began.

Kevin came across a home cycling program that helped him exercise on a daily basis and meet others who were facing similar challenges. In addition to cycling, Kevin loves outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and having new adventures.

As an Ambassador, Kevin wants to be that inspiration for others and to show his fellow community members that you can live well with Parkinson’s.

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