Keep ON Moving with a new online Parkinson’s Exercise Program

Ready to kick off the new year with a new at-home exercise routine? You’re in luck! Keep ON Moving, a series of home workout videos created for people living with Parkinson’s, will help you feel energized, engaged, balanced, and prepared to live well today, throughout 2021, and beyond.

Developed through a partnership between BIAL and the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA), the exercises are based on the dual-training method and combine voice, movement, and cognitive tasks. Each video is short (ten minutes or less) and can be done in combination with other videos and repeated as often as you would like.

keep on moving workouts available now

  • Physical Amplitude Workout. Keep your heart rate up while challenging your ability to divide your attention, engage your memory, and negotiate the visual-vocal connection
  • Arms and Legs Working and Thinking Together. This routine focuses on large movements, rhythm, response times, selective attention, and memory
  • Brain Exercise. Boost your cognition with exercises in motor planning, dual tasking, memory, and focused attention
  • Daily-life Moves Dance-like Exercise. Brighten your day through dance routines that strengthen your memory, dual tasking abilities, motor planning, and focused attention
  • Breath and Voice Exercise. Practice voice loudness and articulation while learning new breathing techniques that can help you live well in many aspects of life

The Trainers

The program’s trainers, Josefa Domingos and John Dean, are experts in the Parkinson’s field and are (among many other roles) members of our Science Advisory Board. Josefa is a physiotherapist specializing in Parkinson’s with 15 years’ experience working exclusively with people with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. John, a speech-language pathologist specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s and related disorders, has been involved in a number of Parkinson’s-related technology projects and startups, developing tools to improve the quality-of-life for people living with Parkinson’s. (He’ll also be leading our upcoming webinar, Speech, Voice, and Parkinson’s, which you can register for here.)

get started now

Take a sneak peek at the first workout below, then explore the others here.

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