John Sullivan

Hull, Massachusetts

John’s diagnosis came as no shock in 2020, as he had been experiencing some minor symptoms for several years beforehand. While considerably shaken by the reality of a Parkinson’s diagnosis, John has tried to approach it with the same boldness and positive attitude that he brought to his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis 10 years earlier. He was drawn to the Davis Phinney Foundation as a resource that is deep not only in educational content but also in community engagement opportunities. John believes there is an art and science to successfully dealing with and managing conditions of this magnitude. Thousands of others have figured out that balance of living well for themselves, and John doesn’t want to waste any time learning what they know.  

To John, living well with Parkinson’s means coming to peace with the diagnosis and the challenges that come with it. Beyond that, John believes there is a great opportunity to share what he has and will continue to learn with others. If he can help someone else in even a small way, he will consider that to be living well with Parkinson’s.  

At this stage of John’s life, he has the opportunity to give back in meaningful ways, whether it’s spending quality time with his wife and grandkids, exercising, or volunteering. There is so much to live for with Parkinson’s.  

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