Kris Kimball

Arvada, Colorado

Although I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a year and a half ago, my symptoms began over 10 years ago. After seeing a variety of doctors/specialists, I was finally referred to a neurologist. My diagnosis was a shock, but I was also so thankful to finally have an answer. It was a very scary time for me: I was newly divorced and lived alone. I found myself immersing myself in anything I could find about Parkinson’s. I was determined to fight this and find a way to live well.

Living well with Parkinson’s means that despite the diagnosis, despite the fear of not knowing what the future holds, I will remain positive, strong, grateful. I will do what I can to live a productive, quality life: eating well, daily exercise, maintaining a positive attitude—even on those dark and challenging days. I will continue educating myself and spending time with those in my “tribe”; they lift me up and I will be there for them, as well!

A dear friend who works for the Davis Phinney Foundation, contacted me and told me about the Ambassador program. Upon learning more about it, I was super excited to join this group of amazing folks! The Every Victory Counts manual® is THE BEST and I want to share it with as many people as I can! To me, it is crucial that I help spread the word about this progressive, neurodegenerative disease.

Long before my diagnosis, daily exercise and taking care of myself were important to me. Being a schoolteacher and a mom can be stressful. I have always tried hard to balance daily life with healthy food and exercise. Little did I know that these would become so important to help manage Parkinson’s.

A perfect Sunday for me includes sleeping in for a bit, meditation, focusing on how grateful I am, and setting my intentions for the day. I absolutely love being outside, so I’d go on a long walk/hike or even a bike ride! I love spending time with my daughter and my two cats. All three ground me and remind me of what is important in life.

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