Doug Pickard

Parksville, British Columbia

Like many people, Doug knew very little about Parkinson’s until he met someone living with it. A chance encounter that led to a long-term relationship with Parkinson’s occurred around 14 years ago when Doug was approached by a woman who had been living with Parkinson’s for several years. She was looking to Doug, an exercise specialist, for help with her exercise program. From this positive experience, Doug decided to do all he could to build his skills to help as many people as possible in his hometown and beyond.
Doug created a Parkinson’s-specific exercise class named “Taming the Dragon,” based on research on the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s. A few years later, Doug became the facilitator of the local Parkinson’s support group and then became certified as a PWR!Moves and Rock Steady Boxing coach. Once certified, Doug opened his own Rock Steady Boxing affiliation, the tenth in Canada at the time. Today, Doug is expanding his practice to include aspects of music therapy through sing-along sessions and drum circles.
Doug views living well with Parkinson’s as staying active, being social, and keeping a positive outlook on life.

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