Drum with DOPABEATS to Live Well with Parkinson’s

Doug Pickard sits in front of a purple wall covered in bongo drums. He is a white man with short, grey hair. Super-imposed on him is the word "DopaBeats" in white. Below that is a yellow bar wtih the words "a drumming program for people with Parkinson's". The Davis Phinney Foundation logo is in the bottom left corner.

What is Dopabeats?

Someone told me the other day that Parkinson’s is a disease of rhythm. I had never looked at it that way before, but it makes sense. When you consider that music, dance, and other activities that use audible patterns and metronomic beats are tools many people use to live well with Parkinson’s, drumming is an ideal form of therapy. When you learn to drum with Parkinson’s, especially with DopaBeats,  you learn to live well today.

That, and the fact that our Ambassador leader Doug Pickard is a joy to be around, is just one more reason why we wanted to share this interview with you.

Doug Packard, an exercise specialist, started DopaBeats to help people living with Parkinson’s manage their symptoms better, whether motor or non-motor. It’s such a great program we’re excited to share with you, especially because Doug, who is also an ambassador for the Foundation, is a joy to be around. Learn more about his program and how you can get involved by watching our interview below.


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