The Davis Phinney Foundation has a deep connection to the cycling community thanks to the Phinney family’s cycling legacy. In road cycling, the peloton is the main group of riders in a race. These riders support one another by reducing drag, saving energy, and helping increase their speeds. Without the peloton, some riders would not make it to the finish line.  

The same is true for the Peloton Club. Our Peloton Club members are at the core of our fundraising. Their commitment and consistency in supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation through their regular donations help ensure the success of the entire Foundation team by keeping our momentum going throughout the year. 

Zack E.
Peloton Club member

“I have Parkinson’s and the Davis Phinney Foundation’s focus on how to live well with Parkinson’s on a daily basis is the best information I have found anywhere! I want to help continue this focus.”

Kevin Doidge
Peloton Club member

“Because I give, I am being updated on a monthly basis or more on what you are doing. When I see how much you are doing, I’m proud to be a part of supporting it.”

Dick S.
Peloton Club member

“We believe the motto ‘Every Victory Counts’ is a very helpful guide to living well with Parkinson’s. We have attended The Victory Summit event twice and found that, not only were the programs interesting and informative, but the opportunity to meet and talk with others in the Parkinson’s community was very interesting and useful. Our modest monthly giving is in support of the mission and activities of the Foundation.”

Stephen Chase
Peloton Club member

“When I get the note each month thanking me, it reaffirms my connection to the Foundation.”

Learn More About The Peloton Club

Setting up a recurring donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation allows you to increase your philanthropy in a sustainable way. Once you create your monthly gift you will automatically be enrolled in the Peloton Club. Gifts from this program directly impact our ability to produce our flagship programs such as The Victory Summit® events and the Every Victory Counts® manual. You can easily change or cancel your recurring giving at any time.

As a member you will receive a personal note from our development staff as well as a special edition Davis Phinney Foundation sticker. You will also receive regular updates from the Foundation on what we are accomplishing with your help. 

Reasons to consider joining as a recurring donor:

  • Your annual support of the Foundation continues monthly without having to renew
  • It’s easier on your budget. Contributing a set amount each month rather than a one-time gift might make it easier to give
  • Your support is always active, month after month, year after year
  • You establish that you value the Davis Phinney Foundation as an important community resource for people with Parkinson’s and their families
  • You may change or stop your membership at any time by contacting Claire Herritz at or 303-953-4978

And, a gift of $84 per month qualifies you to be a part of the Davis Phinney Foundation Leadership Circle 

Joining the Peloton Club is a fantastic way to support the Foundation throughout the year

Click here  to make a recurring gift, select the option for “Sustaining Gift” and your gift duration. 

Please visit our online gift portal  here. Through the online portal, you can change your gift frequency, update card information and address, skip an upcoming donation, or cancel your recurring gift.  

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Claire Herritz Headshot

Claire Herritz
Development Officer

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