Kerry Howard

Juneau, Alaska

Sometimes life-changing events start off very small. For Kerry, it was a barely noticeable twitch in her little finger in March 2015. Six months later, when the twitch was more persistent, Kerry mentioned it to her doctor, and, in May 2016, a movement disorders specialist in Seattle diagnosed her with Parkinson’s. In shock and overwhelmed by the diagnosis, Kerry felt all of her dreams and hopes begin to fade.

Her first step toward a more positive path came when a friend received the same life-changing news, igniting their desire to do something positive in the face of their diagnosis. Bringing Rock Steady Boxing to Juneau was just the start for Kerry in connecting and inspiring others within her community to live well with Parkinson’s. After attending a Victory Summit® event in 2018 and connecting with Ambassador Patti Burnett, Kerry decided she wanted to inform and inspire others in the same way that she had been inspired by the Foundation.

Today, Kerry finds it important to enjoy life and share that joy with others. She cares about being kind to people and to animals — no act of kindness is ever wasted.

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