Wayne A. Gilbert Celebrates World Parkinson’s Day with Poetry

Wayne A. Gilbert

Wayne A. Gilbert is a poet, retired professor of English and educational psychology, and an inspiration to the Parkinson’s community. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005, he has dedicated his efforts to using creativity and poetry to inspire others to live well with Parkinson’s. He has published three books of poetry: Magmamystic, From the Ashes, and Sacred Chill. He is now a full-time poet and performer, and loves jamming with jazz musicians.

As a part of “Together, apart,” a worldwide initiative on World Parkinson’s Day, Wayne Gilbert performed several of his poems. You can watch the full recording below.

Want more of Wayne Gilbert’s work?

Check out his new book, Sacred Chill, and click on the links below for some of his recent performances.

“Parkinson’s Is Nothing Like Boxing”
“PD Refusenik”
“Toxic Psalm”
“Parkie Workout”
“Naughty Parkie Kids and Strange Romance”
“Nurturing Resilience Through Poetry” at the The Victory Summit® Virtual Event: How to Live Well with Parkinson’s
Poems by Wayne A. Gilbert and Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors at our “Poetry Cafe”

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