Parkinson’s Poetry: Wayne A. Gilbert Performs Naughty Parkie Kids & Strange Romance

Wayne A. Gilbert - Naughty Parkie Kids and Strange Romance - Davis Phinney Foundation

Metaphors can be a great way of changing the way we see things. Wayne uses metaphors to create compelling and lasting images in our brains and to help us see Parkinson's, and how to live well with it today, in a totally new light.

After you watch his two poems for today, be sure to leave a comment and let Wayne know what you think.

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Comments (1)

Gail Perry Borden

Loved the poems..both..and the way Wayne read them.
Makes ME want to foster this creativity with the people in my PD exercise class. We did a book of poetry 4 yrs. ago of our experiences . Good..but not this good.
Hurrah for Wayne. Thank you from Salem MA

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