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AI firm and the Foundation working together to gain Parkinson’s insights via event sponsorship and program collaboration

Louisville, Colo., and Cambridge, Mass., April 8, 2022 — The Davis Phinney Foundation welcomes nQ Medical as a new corporate partner and is looking forward to helping the digital healthcare company gain important insights from people with Parkinson’s.

The Davis Phinney Foundation is dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s live their best lives today. nQ Medical is a digital biomarker discovery platform specializing in cognitive and motor diseases. Backed by several clinical trials, the company’s artificial intelligence technology delivers real-time, disease progression insight to people with Parkinson’s and their care partners and doctors via passive monitoring of non-personal interaction through their mobile devices:

  • The Foundation has convened a panel of people with Parkinson’s to test and provide insights to nQ Medical’s “NeuroQWERTY” product, which monitors the progression of the condition and provides feedback as to the impact of therapy.
  • nQ has joined the Davis Phinney Foundation as a Gold Level Ambassador Program Sponsor and will attend the foundation’s Ambassador Leadership Conference to expand awareness of nQ’s technology and to meet the ambassadors and gain valuable information about their experiences and desires for their care.
  • NOTE: No personal information is being collected by nQ technology.  nQ collects “How” you interact with your personal device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, et al) and not “What” you do.  It does not track words, apps, or web activity.

nQ Medical reports that in a survey of more than 2,300 movement disorder specialists, 95 percent responded that the ability to monitor patients remotely is extremely valuable, very valuable, or valuable to overall care management.

“We were drawn to the mission of the Davis Phinney Foundation to gain feedback on our technology from the most important stakeholder in Parkinson’s care…the person living with the disease,” said R. A. Bavasso, nQ Medical CEO. “Our machine learning software allows for remote monitoring in conjunction with a patient’s medical provider allowing patients’ health to be monitored from home, an important convenience for the patients, their loved ones, and their care providers.  Our goal is to provide visibility between doctor office visits.  Given the number of hours a day a person uses their personal devices, we can provide millions of data points while the person with Parkinson’s is NOT in front of the doctor.  The doctor can use this data to better understand what is happening with the person with Parkinson’s over time and to supplement the data collected during limited annual office appointments.”

“This partnership has the potential to make a big difference in quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s,” said Rich Cook, Davis Phinney Foundation’s director of development. “We are excited to partner with nQ Medical’s team to provide insights that will help develop this technology further. Together in advancing their AI platform, and through their support of our Ambassador Program, we can help people living with Parkinson’s and their care partners live their best lives today.”

The Davis Phinney Foundation was founded by Olympic cyclist Davis Phinney in 2004 to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. The organization’s focus is to provide programs, early-stage research, and resources that offer inspiration, information, and tools that enable people living with Parkinson’s to take action that can immediately improve their quality of life. Parkinson’s is the No. 2 neurodegenerative disease – second to Alzheimer’s – and affects more than 1 million people in the United States. The Foundation’s work impacts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families each year. Learn more at dpf.org

nQ Medical is a Cambridge, Mass.-based computational biotechnology company with a Digital Biomarker Discovery Platform that phenotypes neurodegenerative diseases through passive, AI-aided analysis of personal device interactions. Its biomarkers are used for early symptom detection; to generate real-world, unbiased evidence that can track disease progression over time; and to measure the impact of therapy (drug, device, or other intervention). Its primary benefit is greater insight into disease management to improve clinician decision making leading to improved patient outcomes.

It received FDA Breakthrough Designation as a digital biomarker in Parkinson’s Disease and is actively developing for Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and other conditions of cognition and motor degeneration. Learn more at nQ-medical.com

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