New Care Partner Program Launches at Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s

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September 7, 2023

LOUISVILLE, CO – The Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s polled over 8,000 of its Parkinson’s care partners and found that 41% feel alone, and they don’t have enough support. Furthermore, 48% of them grapple with addressing their own fears and anxieties associated with their roles. The journey of a care partner is undeniably demanding and emotionally taxing, and as the course of Parkinson’s advances, the strain on these care partners can become increasingly profound.

Designed to nurture the overall well-being of care partners, the Davis Phinney Foundation’s new Care Partner Training Program will equip participants with essential tools to navigate their roles while avoiding burnout. This comprehensive online course will be facilitated by distinguished and trusted Parkinson’s experts who are adept at guiding care partners to effectively cope with the challenges they face. The program provides invaluable support and guidance and acknowledges the pivotal role that care partners play in the lives of individuals with Parkinson’s.

Examples of program sessions include:

  • Advocacy and managing change. 
  • Managing Parkinson’s complications. 
  • Managing guilt, anger, and apathy.

Our expert instructors include:

  • Jori Fleisher, MD, Leslie Nan Burridge Endowed Faculty Scholar in Parkinson’s Research and Associate Professor of Neurological Sciences at Rush University Medical Center
  • Sarah Mitchell Chen, LCSW, APHSW-C, Social worker in the Rush Movement Disorders Clinic for 10+ years.
  • Kristin Gustashaw, MS, RDN, LDN, CSG, Advanced-level clinical dietitian and certified specialist in gerontological nutrition 

Parkinson’s is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s has no cure, and the symptoms can be debilitating. The more than one million people living with Parkinson’s often rely heavily on the help of care partners to live well. 


About the Davis Phinney Foundation   

The Davis Phinney Foundation was founded by Olympic cyclist Davis Phinney in 2004 to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. The Foundation focuses on providing programs, early-stage research, and resources to help people living with Parkinson’s improve their quality of life. Parkinson’s is the number two neurodegenerative disease – second to Alzheimer’s – and affects more than one million people in the United States. The Foundation’s work impacts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families annually.    

AbbieVie is the premier sponsor for the Care Partner Training program. AbbVie’s mission is to discover and deliver innovative medicines that solve serious health issues today and address tomorrow’s medical challenges. The Foundation is thrilled to partner with them. 


Program Schedule 
September 29 through November 10  
All classes will be held via Zoom. 
Days and times vary, so check our website here 
Each session will be recorded.
Registration information here  


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