[Webinar Recording] YOPD Council: Traveling with Parkinson’s

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In this webinar, The YOPD Council discuss their tips and tricks for traveling more easily with Parkinson’s, while also addressing the question: is travel still right for me?

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Show Notes

There are many tips and tricks for making travel more enjoyable and less anxiety-inducing.

  • Here are some products the Council recommends:
    • Use luggage like the Spinner Luggage which can roll 360 degrees around making it easier to move around
    • For airports, consider purchasing “CLEAR” and/or TSA PreCheck to get through security with more ease
    • Keep your medications in your carry-on bag
    • Check your bags to reduce the number of things you need to maneuver around the airport
    • Leaving earlier than you think is needed for the airport to reduce or eliminate anxiety if something unexpected happens
    • If you travel often, write a packing list that you can refer to when preparing for a trip
    • Ask for early boarding
    • Take your handicap parking placard with you when traveling
    • Ask for wheelchair assistance in airports
    • Utilize a collapsible walking stick
    • Ask for seats with extra leg room
    • Bring food and a collapsible water bottle when traveling (you may consider using small electrolyte packs that can be added to your water)
    • Travel with microfiber cloths (Norwex is a recommended brand by panelists)
    • Bring a cup with a lid on it for on plane beverages, to avoid spills
    • Use a Tervis cup
    • Use Dude wipes
    • Take advantage of clothing with multiple pockets such as multi-pocket vests or cargo pants (Scottevest is a recommended brand by panelists)
    • Utilize a pill case so you can plan out your medications for a trip (Human gear is a recommended brand)
    • Consider bringing along an aluminum folding cane (This is not only helpful to use, but as panelist Kevin Kwok, says, “People part ways when you come up with your walking stick”)
    • Take your actual medication bottles with you or take pictures of all your medication labels in case you need to refill your medications on the road
    • Bring a medical card with you in case of emergency
    • Do not travel with THC even if it’s legal where you live
    • Rent medical equipment in your destination instead of bringing it with you
    • Consider wearing high absorbing underwear or a urinary pad to reduce the need to get up and use the bathroom (Thinx is a recommended brand)
    • Consider wearing a skirt to making using the restroom in tight quarters easier
    • Consider using the Tile app and device to ensure you don’t lose anything important when traveling
  • Do what you can to eliminate your pride and graciously accept help
  • If travel is causing more stress than joy, it might be worthwhile to ask the question, is travel right for me at this time?
  • If you’re visiting an attraction that has a specific start time (Ex: an exhibit, tour, etc), call ahead and share that you have a disability and they will likely be accommodating
  • Be honest about the pace and time you need to travel
  • If traveling with others, bring something with you like a book or word puzzle, so that if you need to take a moment to yourself, you can still enjoy your time while politely telling others to go on ahead without you
  • If visiting others, consider adding their name to your online medications, so you can get more sent to you if needed
  • If possible, ask for a 3-month advance of medication to reduce or eliminate the need to refill when traveling
  • Talk to your doctor to understand the best way to take your medication when traveling to different time zones
  • If you have DBS, keep your remote on your person
  • If traveling with kids, have them carry their own backpacks and pre-pack “activity bags,” so that if you need a moment to yourself, they have something with them to do at all times
  • To keep up on your exercise plan while traveling, consider utilizing an Oculus or Theragun. You may also consider taking the time before traveling to plan out when and where you will exercise. This will make you much more likely to stick to an exercise plan
  • Keep in mind that you may be eligible for a disability discount at many places including but not limited to:

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