[Webinar Recording] YOPD Council: Reaching Your Limits

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In this webinar, our YOPD Council members discuss how understanding your mental and physical limitations with Parkinson’s can improve your quality of life.

Watch the video and read the show notes below.

The YOPD Council: Reaching Your Limit

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Show Notes

  • Living well not only includes recognizing your own physical and mental limitations but also being able to set boundaries with others to honor those limitations.
  • Accepting your limitations, physically, mentally, or otherwise, can be a challenging process. Seeking and building a Parkinson’s community can be incredibly helpful in feeling supported during this process.
  • Consider what your boundaries and limits may be for social media use. For some, like Sree, using social media may positively impact her because it allows her to advocate and connect with friends more easily, among other things. For others, social media may be a drain, affecting your mental health, or like Robynn, causing your attention to feel too divided.
  • If you feel limitations going out to restaurants, consider ordering delivery and inviting friends to your home instead of going out, or try, as Kevin suggests, to find a restaurant where you can secure a private room. 
  • Remember that it’s ok to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you any less capable, worthy, or valuable and can significantly improve the ease of moving through your day. Plus, as Heather mentions, most people like to help. It gives them a feeling of purpose. So instead of thinking that asking for help will be a drain on others, think of it as a gift you are giving them.

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