[Webinar Recording] YOPD Council: Mental Health and Parkinson’s


Approximately 50-60% of people living with Parkinson’s experience varying levels of depression and anxiety, and nearly all deal with loss. During this YOPD Council session, the members of our Council discussed:

  • How they have dealt with depression and anxiety
  • Strategies that have worked and those that haven’t to get into a better headspace
  • Tools for managing feelings of loss
  • How to communicate issues of mental health to friends, family, and care teams
  • How to manage anticipatory grief in yourself and others
  • Ways to reframe expectations without settling for a life less lived
  • And much more

You can watch the video below.

To download the audio, click here.

To download the transcript, click here.

Show Notes

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You can register for the entire YOPD Council series here. We meet on the third Thursday of every month to discuss the unique challenges of living with YOPD.

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