[Webinar Recording] YOPD Council: Downsizing your Life with YOPD

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In this webinar, The YOPD Council discussed downsizing, both mentally and physically.

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Show Notes

  • Downsizing can be both mental and physical. Physically downsizing your space and belongings can be helpful to living well because there is less to manage and/or navigate. “Mentally downsizing” can be equally as beneficial to living well. Our panelists agree that their life became much less stressful and happier when they reduced the expectations they put on themselves.
  • When giving things away, give them away with intention. For example, give away belongings to friends and family members who may have use for them. Donate old sports equipment to a local sports non-profit in town. There are many ways to thoughtfully downsize and doing so with intention can help with letting go.
  • There may be a grieving process associated with downsizing, both when you choose to let go of certain belongings, but also if you choose to downsize your life by quitting a job or activity.
  • Think twice before saving a lot of things for your kids, as they may not have the same level of attachment to the item as you do.

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