Thank you, Connie Carpenter Phinney!


For the past four years, we have been fortunate to have Connie Carpenter Phinney, co-founder of the Foundation, serve as Board Chair. During her time at the helm, she has supported many of the critical programs that have allowed us to improve our reach, raise our profile, and get a seat at the most influential tables in the Parkinson’s space. She championed our move from in-person to online events, our biggest yearly fundraiser, Tour of Sufferlandria, our first-ever Victory Summit event specifically for Care Partners, and the establishment of a new headquarters for the Foundation in Louisville, CO.  

Additionally, she leads our monthly meet up for care partners, is a key contributor to our monthly poetry group for people living with Parkinson’s, has spoken at The Victory Summit Event series we host, wrote the Foreword of our new Every Victory Counts® Manual for Care Partners, collaborated on the Rulebook for Care Partners, and was the catalyst we needed to create a strategic plan that will move us toward the next evolution of the Foundation. And she did all of this while serving as the primary care partner to the Foundation’s visionary and her husband of almost 40 years, Davis Phinney.  

The Foundation’s board thrived under her leadership, and we are profoundly grateful for all her extraordinary contributions. As Connie’s term as Board Chair ended, she worked alongside the governance committee to identify and onboard Susan-Helm Murtagh, who was elected unanimously to serve as Board Chair of the Foundation. Connie will remain on the Board of Directors and will devote her extra time to other activities, including helping to develop the Founder’s Council, which will be charged with maintaining, cultivating, and growing the vision of the Davis Phinney Foundation. 

We are so grateful for all you do for the Foundation, Connie, and look forward to working with you as we continue to grow and expand our reach in helping care partners and people with Parkinson’s alike.  

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