Joy Breaks – Join Us Every Month Starting May 4


Scattering joy is one of the best things you can do to live well. But you can’t scatter it if you don’t have it. To bring more joy into your life, we’re hosting Joy Breaks every month with Lorraine Wilson, a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador and joyful joy promoter.

Lorraine’s ability to express herself creatively is truly a joy to behold; however, one of the very best things about creating with Lorraine is that all are welcome and no experience is required. You can come with a pencil and scrap of paper and doodle, write, or draw while she explains the project of the day, or you can come with a box full of supplies and follow every instruction to a T. There are no rules when Joy Breaking. It’s an hour-long gift to give to yourself and to do with it what you will.

First Wednesday of Every Month Starting Wednesday, May 4, 2022, at 1 pm Mountain

Register Here
Download the project and supplies guide here.
(Remember, you don’t need any of the fancy supplies to find joy. Just show up!)

Want more joy?

Check out this video recording of our Sketching for Joy Workshop with Lorraine.

Check out the resources we shared on sketching at the bottom of this post.

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