Advocating for Better Care for Communities for People Living with Parkinson’s

Advocating for Better Parkinson’s Care Through a Healthy Parkinson’s Community

Debbie Callahan, a member of our Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ initiative, shared a story with us last year about how she received less than ideal care during a visit to the hospital. She was given medication that was contraindicated to her Parkinson’s medications and experienced medical issues as a result. We shared her letter with you here. And we also created this in response to that situation: Medications to Avoid or Use with Caution. But the story didn’t end there. Since that experience, Debbie has advocated for herself and her community at every turn. And she’s inspired others to do the same.

In this video, Gabby, Debbie, and Lorraine talk about Debbie’s experience and how it is driving more advocacy efforts in a growing number of communities.

Interested in learning more about our Healthy Parkinson's Communities™ (HPC) initiative? Visit our HPC website at to learn more about how to get involved in making your community a great place for people living with Parkinson's.

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