Healthy Parkinson’s Community Leader Highlight: Carolyn Utesch

Carolyn Utesch and the leaders of the Bloomington HPC event.

We are excited to introduce our first Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ (HPC) leader highlight. In this post, we feature Carolyn Utesch: one of the many exceptional people in the Davis Phinney Foundation’s community of dedicated, impactful leaders who support people with Parkinson’s in their local communities and around the world.   


Carolyn Utesch in a "BadAssadors" shirt, speaking into a microphone. Carolyn is a middle-aged white woman with blonde hair.Carolyn Utesch is both a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador and a community action committee (CAC) leader in our Healthy Parkinson’s Community network. Learn more about the HPC initiative here. 

Carolyn’s leadership in the Bloomington, Indiana CAC is integral to improving access to local information and resources that help people living with Parkinson’s in Bloomington and the surrounding area take control of their well-being and live their lives to the fullest. In addition to her Ambassador role, she founded a community-based Parkinson’s wellness center and completed many trainings and certifications relevant to helping people with Parkinson’s. 

Carolyn is passionate about living well today. When asked what this specifically means to her, Carolyn shared:

“Living well: To me, that means choosing to do the best I can every day, in every way.” 

The beauty of the natural environment is important to Carolyn, and she takes every opportunity to be in nature. She enjoys gardening, camping, hiking, biking, and taking the time to admire the clouds and smell the flowers. Carolyn says, “I enjoy people and spend time with friends and family eating, laughing, sharing, and enjoying life.” 

Carolyn’s joy for life has made her a model of living well, connecting the community, and inspiring action.  


While working at a senior living center in 2010, Carolyn was introduced to Parkinson’s when she met a resident named June. June was living with advanced Parkinson’s, but also infectious joy and a gracious heart. Inspired by June, Carolyn pursued certification as an occupational therapy assistant. Since 2014, Carolyn has worked as a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA). 

In 2021, Carolyn became a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador with the goal of promoting resources for Parkinson’s and connecting people living with Parkinson’s with direct support. Though she was working with people with Parkinson’s for years, as Carolyn began her Ambassadorship, she saw the need for a larger, more systemic approach to the challenges those living with Parkinson’s face in her community when trying to achieve a higher quality of life. 

In turn, this led to the founding of the Bloomington, Indiana Community Action Committee (CAC), which Carolyn established just five months after starting the Ambassador Leadership Program. Since October 2021, Carolyn has been leading the charge to develop a community-based Parkinson’s wellness center and educate medical professionals. 

THE 2023 HPC SUMMIT  A group of white people in Bloomington, IN, sit in a circle with their arms raised.

In 2023, the Davis Phinney Foundation helped the Bloomington CAC host a Healthy Parkinson’s Communities (HPC) Summit: “Planting Seeds: Living Well with Parkinson’s.” This two-day event was an educational health fair, including a collaborative working day with local organizations.  

Following the HPC summit, there has been momentum toward building relationships, leveraging resources, and communicating as a community in Bloomington.  


Carolyn’s goals for her community include: 

  • Increasing awareness of Parkinson’s 
  • Increasing support, resources, and education for people living with Parkinson’s 
  • Increasing utilization of complementary therapies 
  • Raising money to establish a dedicated space for Parkinson’s programs and classes 
  • Addressing local issues and obstacles to better serve people with Parkinson’s 

With Carolyn leading the charge, progress is well underway on these goals. She offers the following words of wisdom for those interested in supporting their local Parkinson’s community: “Start small. Plan for what YOU need/want, and not what others are telling you that they did.” 


You can reach Carolyn through her Ambassador page. 


Parkinson’s Wellness Center Bloomington Facebook Page 

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Parkinson’s Advocacy Through Community Organization 

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