Carolyn Utesch

Bloomington, Indiana

Carolyn was introduced to Parkinson’s in 2010 when she met June, a patient in a nursing and rehabilitation facility who was in the later stages of Parkinson’s and was bedbound due to severe rigidity. Carolyn was drawn to June’s lively demeanor, her heart of gratitude, and her ability to find joy despite her pain. Carolyn began educating herself about Parkinson’s while June helped dissolve the myths and stigmas.

Founding a community-based Parkinson’s Wellness Center in Bloomington, Indiana, Carolyn is now a rehabilitation therapist and a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant with a Health and Human Services degree from the University of Southern Indiana. She has completed multiple trainings and certifications that are Parkinson-specific to serve the Bloomington area with excellence. Some of the certifications Carolyn holds are LSVT BIG ®, PWR! (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery), and Delay the Disease. Carolyn is also trained and certified from the University of Iowa by the Allied Team Training for Parkinson’s with the Parkinson’s Foundation. This intense curriculum is offered to multi-disciplinary care teams that desire to use the best practices and the latest research in Parkinson’s care.

Through the Ambassador Leadership Program, Carolyn is excited to connect her community with resources, hope, camaraderie, education, and reminders that rediscovering joy is found in movement. Living well to Carolyn means choosing to do the best she can every day, in every way.

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