[Podcast] Getting “Away” From Parkinson’s

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episode summary

In this episode, panelists Soania Mathur, Wayne Gilbert, Robynn Moraites, and Sarah Zenner discuss:

  • The fact that there’s no such thing as getting “away” from Parkinson’s 
  • Finding the balance between focusing on your Parkinson’s to live well but not letting it define you  
  • Parkinson’s as a “simmering pot”  
  • Being intentional about how you choose to speak about your Parkinson’s 
  • Emotionally accepting your diagnosis  
  • The importance of creating relationships with other people with Parkinson’s 
  • The impact of connection on your health 
  • Living your best life now 
  • Getting engaged in your hobbies 
  • Using a mindful approach to managing your Parkinson’s symptoms 
  • Coping strategies when Parkinson’s is overwhelming 
  • Focusing on the most meaningful things in your life 


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