[Podcast] How Can I Use Parkinson’s for Good? The Importance of Community and Mindset in Living Well with YOPD with Allan Cole

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episode summary

In this episode, Allan Cole, a professor and published author in social work and counseling and a person living with young-onset Parkinson’s, discusses:

  • The importance of sharing your story  
  • Why “we” is stronger than “I” 
  • When to disclose your diagnosis  
  • Distinguishing between illness and disease 
  • The importance of focusing on the present moment 
  • Remembering your own agency  
  • Misperceptions about Parkinson’s 
  • The importance of consulting with the experts  
  • How life can still be VERY good with Parkinson’s 
  • Getting involved in the Parkinson’s community 
  • Mindset and how it contributes to “meaning making” 
  • Asking the question, “Who am I, and who do I want to be?”  
  • How to maintain hope and use Parkinson’s for good
  • Focusing on your present self and abilities  
  • Embracing your spiritual life, whatever that looks like for you 
  • An exercise for hope


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