How to Donate a Car (and Support People with Parkinson’s)

Have a car, truck, boat, RV, or airplane that you’re ready to part with? Learn how and why Davis Phinney Foundation supporter Lauren Calkins donated two vehicles to the Foundation and how you can do the same.

Lauren, What is your connection to Parkinson’s?

Although I don’t have a personal connection to Parkinson’s, I have friends whose families are affected by it, and I value the work the Foundation does to help.

what inspired you to support the Davis Phinney Foundation?

My good friend Lauren Kehn is on staff at the Foundation and is a cheerleader for the cause. The year she joined the team, she was training for a half IRONMAN® and fundraising for the Foundation, and I’ve supported her efforts ever since. When my husband and I decided to donate our cars, the Foundation immediately came to mind. When I found out how easy it was, we went for it!

Why did you decide to donate your cars?

When we donated the first time, I’d purchased a new vehicle and my husband began driving my old one; so, we needed to say goodbye to his other car. We didn’t see much benefit to trading it in, and we knew it could do more good for the Parkinson’s community if we donated it. We happily accepted the tax benefit in lieu of any kind of trade-in value. When, some time later, my husband was finally ready for a new car, we did the same thing. 

What were the benefits to going this route?

Donating a vehicle is a fairly simple process. We called Vehicles for Charity, answered a few questions about the car, arranged a pick-up time, and the car went to auction. It was easythe car was gone within a few business days. It took much less effort than selling to a private party!

What should others know about donating a vehicle?

The process is straightforward, and it’s a great alternative to trading in an older vehicle. I don’t think the car has to be in any specific condition; both of ours were about 15 years old when we donated them. 

Do you get a tax receipt?

Yes, we received a tax form for the auction sale price.

Want to learn more about donating your vehicle?

You can select almost any kind of vehicle to donate to the Davis Phinney Foundation. We partner with Vehicles for Charity to make your donation easy and rewarding. They’ll even pick up your vehicle for you. Learn more here.

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