Get It Done (for Parkinson’s) 101

Team Wilson Every Victory Counts

Written by Lorraine Wilson, Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador 

Most years, Team DPF (the fundraising arm of the Davis Phinney Foundation) holds several in-person events to raise funds that help them deliver educational, informational, and motivational materials and events. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, of course, those fundraising events were often cancelled, and although I do not consider myself a fundraiserthis year I told myself to stop my negative self-talk and take actionI formed a step-by-step plan to see through an idea I had been entertaining, and it worked! Here, I share the steps I took and the fundraiser I created so you, too, can take action and succeed in your goals. 

Imagine you are a maker: you sewsculptcreate jewelry, or turn scraps into quilts. You enjoy giving gifts made with your hands, and your friends repeatedly advise you to sell your creations online. How do you do that? 

Start with a pep talk about the idea: “I can do this!” Then guide yourself step by step to bring your idea to fruition.  

Step One
Don’t limit yourself. Not having done something doesn’t mean you can’t try it. Translation: be brave
Step Two
Set a simple goal. Take baby steps. Translation: start small
Step Three
Outline your plan. What did Benjamin Franklin say about planning? “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Write down your goals and the steps to meet them. Translation: plan for success
Step Four
Find support. Knowing that someone has your back motivates you to try new things. Translation: build a team (or at least select an accountability partner)
Step Five
Gather information. If your idea concerns a topic new to you, do some online research (on reliable sites), or check for a local source who can help. It may be beneficial to shadow someone doing what you want to do to learn from their experiences. This may help you avoid making mistakes and wasting time. Translation: learn
Step Six
Act. Once your plan is complete, take action to implement it. Don't procrastinate. Translation: be bold and get it done
Step Seven
Evaluate (early and often). How did things go or how are they going? Evaluate throughout the process and modify or correct your plan to ensure success. Translation: be objective

The Steps in Action

I could, and I did, participate in a Team DPF virtual event during July 2020the Every Victory Counts Challenge. It was fantastic(Its not too late to read about it and contribute to Team Wilson’s donation pool!)

Eager to do more, I pursued a fundraising idea I’d had months before. No luck. I considered the same fundraising idea but with a twist. Again, no luck—but I was learning. Calling on my determined nature, I put ideas from my failed efforts together and fully embraced an online venue and what seemed an atypical topic for DPF. 

My crazy fundraising idea was inspired by the comfort of quilts. Every quilt has a story, but one that I have is made of the storyof two-inch fabric squares leftover from dresses my grandmother sewed for my mother and aunts in the 1930s. I inherited just the quilt topwhich my grandmother had cut and pieced together but which had later suffered some damage. To repair it, I found similar fabrics, dipped them in tea to match the damaged squares, sewed them in place, and hired a quilter. 

My fundraiser began with a call via social and phone to see if anyone was interested in participating. There was a resounding yes, and to work I went. Despite snags here and there, Quilts and More: An Online Art Auction for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's will take place November 2-13, 2020. am delighted to have followed my plan and to have connected with Team DPF to bring you this opportunity to buy a gift (for others or yourself!) and support the Foundation. You can view items as they are added, and the auction will go live on November 2.  

Enjoy, and then find your idea and make a plan to get it done!  

Take Action

To make a difference, please bid on auction items, give a cash donation, or simply share this auction on your social media using the hashtag, #charityauction. It all happens here:
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