Highlights from the Every Victory Counts Challenge


Finding a support group that motivates you, inspires you, and challenges you is so important, now more than ever. Having just one or two supporters can be life-changing and provide enough motivation to help you achieve goals you never thought possible.

But, what happens when you have 350 supporters all over the world? As you’ll read next, magic happens.

We launched the Every Victory Counts Challenge in July 2020 to bring people together—of all abilities and interests—to celebrate victories we achieve every day. Participants selected a minutes or miles challenge to conquer and then shared their highs, lows, roadblocks, and successes in a private “Race Village” on Facebook. To make the challenge even more challenging, they also fundraised for Team DPF.

What came out of this was an inspiring community of supporters, who though not physically together, motivated one another through videos, photos, comments, and likes that spread across the world.

Here are a few highlights from just a handful of our challengers:

Carl Ames

Scooping for “Up the Ante” challenge –

The scoop is a way to recognize and acknowledge three things you’re grateful for. For Carl, those three were the Foundation, the Every Victory Count’s challengers, and the donors who helped support the cause. He shared scoop in a video as part of his “Up the Ante” challenge.

Carl Ames - Every Victory Counts ChallengeWendy Erikson

Wendy set a goal to run 44 miles during the month in honor of her mother, her Parkinson’s hero. Before her diagnosis, Wendy was an active runner. The Every Victory Counts Challenge has inspired Wendy to lace up her running shoes again and get moving.

“This was a new experience for me, and it turned out to be a great blessing and life direction changer. Participating gave me new confidence and strength that was greatly needed. Thank you for your support for the PD community and helping me realize that I can still live well and be active and strong and do hard things!” – Wendy Erikson

Wendy Erikson - Every Victory Counts ChallengeDavid Peter

“Not only does every victory count, but every story counts. Every story needs to be told. And every story needs to be listened to.” – David Peter

David combined several of his passions during the Every Victory Counts Challenge. In addition to walking and riding 324 miles and raising $1,340, David created a quilt during the challenge that represents the visual song created when people with dyspnea mimic the movement of playing the piano.

David Peter - Every Victory Counts Challengeamy Carlson

“The Challenge was great in so many ways. An old friend of mine whose brother was recently diagnosed, recruited her entire family to participate. She and her mom walked every day for the month – and her kids participated too. It was so cool to see her family embrace the challenge. I met some new friends in the “Race Village”, I got up at 4:30 am to start a zoom with some of them and I ended up staying awake with them instead of going back to bed because the connection was so magical. I completed my fourth month of Amy Says Dance which was part of my goal. The group has made nine dance videos this month – all inspired by the challenge. All in all a very exhilarating month.” Amy Carlson

(You can join Amy and fellow virtual dancers every day at 8:30 am EDT for AmySaysDance here on Zoom.)

Amy Carlson - Every Victory Counts Challenge

Ready for Victory?

Did you miss out on the Every Victory Counts Challenge in July? Or want to do another? Don’t worry! The “Race Village” is still going strong, and there’s no time like today to set a goal, share it with others, and get moving.

Also, this event was such a success that we’ll be back next year with a whole new challenge and even more ways to keep moving. Email teamdfp@dpf.org to find out how to make every victory count.

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