In January 2022, we began sharing the audio recordings from the sixth edition every Tuesday morning on The Parkinson’s Podcast. You can listen to the recordings on this page as well, which will continue to be updated as new chapters are released.

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Foreword and introduction

Listen to the foreword of the newest edition of our Every Victory Counts manual, written by world renowned Parkinson’s expert Professor Bas Bloem, MD, PhD, along with the Introduction, which provides a roadmap to living well with Parkinson’s, a note from Davis Phinney, and much more.

Chapter 1- You Have Parkinson’s. Now What?

Hearing the words, “You have Parkinson’s,” is life changing. For some, a Parkinson’s diagnosis marks the end of a long and frustrating search to explain a collection of seemingly disconnected symptoms. For others, a Parkinson’s diagnosis is a complete shock, filled with feelings of disbelief and despair. For everyone, a Parkinson’s diagnosis brings a new and unexpected journey.

The good news is that there are numerous ways you can take action to make the journey a great one. Just a decade ago, researchers, clinicians, and people living with Parkinson’s alike did not stress the importance of exercise, stress management, nutritional choices, and other positive life choices on Parkinson’s. Today, we know your experience will be impacted positively by your choices and actions. This chapter shows you how to lay the foundation to live well with Parkinson’s today and for years to come.

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