Where to Exercise Online in 2023 If You’re Living with Parkinson’s 


I think we can all agree that one of the best things that emerged from the pandemic was the increased availability of online exercise classes and resources for the Parkinson’s community. Though some exercise classes and group activities have gone back to in-person offerings, many still feature online options. Whether you have limited resources in your area or simply love the variety that online options offer, virtual exercise classes may be a great fit for you. 

If you’re interested in finding new ways to keep your mind and body active, check out some of the options below. Let us know if you know of any other great virtual resources we should include by reaching out to us at blog@dpf.org. 


  • Follow along with Dominique Thomas as she leads a five-minute Zumba routine specifically created for people with Parkinson’s. 
  • Dance it out with Susan Perlis and discover how music and movement can improve your flexibility, balance, and mood. 
  • Join Dance for PD’s weekly free live classes on Zoom or check out a free sampling of their recorded videos to keep yourself moving at home. 
  • Join the San Francisco Ballet for free weekly Zoom dance classes on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:45 pm PT. 
  • Debbie Sternbach leads Dance Moves Me! For Parkinson’s classes for free on Zoom on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


Pedaling for Parkinson’s continues to offer both online and in-person rides! Join Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador Tom Palizzi on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:30 am CT, or ride at 8:00 am CT on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with John. 


  • Try a free week of adaptive yoga classes developed for people with movement disorders, led by Jennifer Jayanti Atkins. 
  • Join Peter Lynch four days a week for live online yoga classes through Yoga for PD. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are free. 
  • Follow along with Elizabeth Durnin for a free weekly virtual yoga class through the APDA. 
  • Looking for a non-strenuous way to work out your mind, body, and spirit? Aminta St Onge and the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas offer free gentle yoga classes online every Tuesday. 


  • Have you heard of LSVT BIG and LOUD? Join Sarah Sanders and Britney Walker in this evidence-based speech and physical therapy method designed for people with Parkinson’s. 
  • Try a free month of Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! and experience how research-backed speech therapies can benefit you.  
  • Check out the free Loud + Clear app and improve your voice fitness on a schedule that works for you. 
  • Join SPEAK OUT! live Monday through Friday at 10 am CT or try out their recorded speech therapy videos through the Parkinson Voice Project. 


Offered in both English and Spanish, Neuroboxing has online classes almost every day of the week. Email info@neuroboxing.org to become a member and sign up for classes. 


  • Tribe Wellness offers a variety of classes via Zoom each week, including boxing, dancing, and Tai Chi. Interested parties can email tribewellnessllc@gmail.com about online registration and can look at this page for more info.
  • SmartXPD offers nine different free, live online courses, including boxing, balance/fall prevention, and floor exercises, to help people with Parkinson’s stay active virtually.   
  • PD-Connect has a full calendar of online, in-person, and hybrid high-intensity exercise classes. 
  •  Subscribe to the Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) Virtual Experience and get access to a huge library of curated exercise videos, including exercises that target specific symptoms and videos for various skill levels. 
  • Look for the camera symbol to find a huge variety of upcoming live Zoom classes through the Parkinson Association of the Rockies (PAR). 
  • Try a free 30-day trial of DailyDosePD, a set of online workouts customized for people with Parkinson’s. 
  • Don’t forget about the little things! Check out these seven helpful hand exercises for Parkinson’s to help improve handwriting, flexibility, and dexterity. Visit the Invigorate Physical Therapy and Wellness channel for more exercises, information, and inspiration.  
  • Personal trainer Jennifer Larsen has developed a series of YouTube videos specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s, and you can follow along from the comfort of your home. 
  • Follow along with a series of five recorded videos produced by Bial/EPDA to keep your mind and body active. 
  • Check out the APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter’s series of YouTube videos for a wide variety of at-home exercises for all skill and mobility levels. 
  • Test out the many offerings from the Cummings Centre, including vocal training, seated exercises, strength and flexibility training, and more! Available in French and English. 
  • Whether you’re interested in building strength, improving your balance, exercising your voice, or engaging your mind, you can follow along with the Power for Parkinson’s recorded YouTube classes. 
  • Try some of the exercises from the Brian Grant Foundation and stay fit and flexible from home.   
  • Check out the free exercises from NeuroFit BC or sign up for weekly live online classes or one-on-one online physiotherapy sessions. 
  • Sign up for the PFNCA’s online Parkinson’s wellness classes and get access to dozens of yoga, boxing, aerobics, exercise, singing, and communication resources taught over Zoom every week. 
  • Tailor your exercise plan to your individual needs with the massive library of videos from PD on the Move. 

Do you know of any other great online (and ideally free) exercise resources for people with Parkinson’s? Let us know. We'd love to share them.


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