Team DPF® Member Jon Dittmer Rides The Parkinson’s Peloton

Jon Dittmer Rides The Parkinson's Peloton

Each month, we spotlight an inspiring story from someone in our Victory Crew®community who is helping to improve the quality of life of people living with Parkinson’s by raising funds. Today we are happy to feature Jon Dittmer from Hoover, AL.

What event did you participate in as part of the Victory Crew?

Ride The Rockies Steamboat Springs loop.

Why did you decide to join the Victory Crew? (Why do you fundraise for the Davis Phinney Foundation?)

A combination of Davis’ story and a fondness for the Foundation’s approach. I’ve been fundraising for them for several years, and I really wanted to meet the team.

What is one of your favorite memories from your Victory Crew fundraiser?

Let me start out by saying that I’m a cyclist, albeit an out-of-shape one, but still a cyclist. So, when I was invited to ride 48 miles around beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO, it was very hard to say no. Even as an out-of-shape cyclist, I can always muster the muscle for a 50-mile bike ride. I just never know if it’ll take a day, a week or a month to recover from it.

Since this was only a one day ride, I asked if there was a loaner bike I could borrow. “No problem. We have eBikes on loan from Trek.” An eBike?, I wondered.  Will I have to sacrifice my manhood if I cross into motor-assisted travel (on something that doesn’t say Harley Davidson on the side)?

After my ride in from the airport, I set my eyes on the Trek CrossRip for the first time. The color was flat black. Check. Manly enough. It had a rack on the back. Uncheck. I’m over 50 but not quite ready for luggage. It weighed close to 50 pounds. Ouch! How the heck am I going to climb Colorado hills on a 50-pound bike? Fortunately, even the lowest setting provides enough power to your pedal stroke to offset the weight of the bike. But, will it carry this 200-hundred pound body 50 miles? I looked online and Trek said the battery would last me 63 miles. Long story, very short, I made it with two miles to spare. And I never saw anything more beautiful in my life—I’ll definitely be back in the saddle!

What was the most compelling action you took to help you reach your fundraising goal?

I believe in the mission of the Davis Phinney Foundation. Just communicating that was enough. 

What advice or encouragement would you give to someone interested in fundraising for the Davis Phinney Foundation?

Just do it. You won’t be disappointed. Every dollar helps a great cause.

Do you have a Victory Crew story you’d like to share?

Your story, like Jon’s, could be featured on our blog and Facebook page so others can learn from your experiences.

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