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On Being Well with Chronic Illness episode summarY

Kat Hill is a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador, former nurse midwife, Parkinson’s advocate, and author. Nancy Peate is a former reference librarian, advocate, speaker, and author. Together they wrote, Being Well with Chronic Illness: A Guide to Joy & Resilience with Your Diagnosis. During this session, we talked about how they met at exactly the right place and time, their lives with and without Parkinson’s, their path through co-authorship, and what they do to live well.

Topics discussed include:

  • How Kat and Nancy met at exactly the right place and time 
  • Their lives with and without Parkinson’s 
  • Their path through co-authorship of “On Being Well with Chronic Illness: A Guide to Resilience and Joy with Your Diagnosis” 
  • What they do to live well with Parkinson’s

and more! We hope you enjoy!

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