Kat Hill

Portland, Oregon

Kat was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 48. Both Kat’s father and two uncles had Parkinson’s but all were diagnosed later in life. Kat was shocked at the diagnosis yet determined to not be defined by Parkinson’s. Kat left her busy and extremely demanding practice as a midwife to shift her efforts towards health and wellness. Along with her husband and children, Kat has learned about Social Security disability and how to live a more simple life.

Kat co-founded a Young Onset Parkinson’s support group with the help of their state resource program and has been involved in speaking and advocacy. Kat believes that every day is a gift and that we can learn to live with joy and gratitude, even with challenges. Kat says “Learning to thrive and tap into our resilience is an art and a practice. With time and practice I am finding joy daily and practicing acceptance for the things I cannot change.”

As an Ambassador, Kat is excited about meeting other people in other parts of the country with shared experiences and sharing wellness resources with her community in Oregon.

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