5 Ways to {Easily} Support Parkinson’s and the Davis Phinney Foundation

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People often ask us how they can support our Foundation, beyond some of the more popular fundraisers we do such as Ride The Rockies, RAGBRAI and Copper Triangle.

So, we put together a list of five simple ways you can give that also require the least amount of time and effort.


If you shop via PayPal, it’s an easy way for you to support the Davis Phinney Foundation. Follow the simple steps here to ensure the Foundation receives a donation every time you make an eligible purchase. PayPal saves that information so that every time you make a payment via PayPal, a portion of that sale will automatically be donated to us.

#2 – Vehicles for Charity

Do you have an old vehicle taking up space in your driveway? You can easily turn that into a donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation. Call 1-866-628-227 to reach a representative at Vehicles for Charity. They will help you complete your donation in as little as 10 minutes. Or you can visit their website at vehiclesforcharity.org. Once you’ve set up your donation, they’ll pick up your vehicle at no cost and either auction it or bring it to an auto crusher for recycling purposes. They will send you an acknowledgment letter within 30 days of your donation.

#3 – IGive

IGive is a simple web browser app that automatically activates when you shop at one of 2100 stores. Then, a percentage of what you spend, around 3%, is donated to your cause. IGive will also donate an extra $3 to your cause when you make your first purchase. If you don’t want to download the app, all you need to do is start your shopping trip from IGive.com. Set it up once and IGive does the rest.

#4 – Charity Charge

Charity Charge allows you to pick a charity to support with their credit card services. All you have to do is visit their website, search for the Davis Phinney Foundation and fill out the Commerce Bank credit card application. For every purchase made with your card, Charity Charge will give you a 1% cash reward to the nonprofit of your choice. Note: Charity Charge does not deduct a processing fee so the full 1% will go directly to the charity.

#5 – eBay for Charity

There are a few ways you can support the Davis Phinney Foundation through eBay’s Charity Shop. On the Charity Shop page, scroll down to Find a Favorite Charity and search for the Davis Phinney Foundation. Once you select us, you can view sales that are set up to benefit us already, sell something on behalf of the Foundation and have the proceeds go to directly to us or make a donation when you make a purchase on eBay. View the general charity shop page here.

The great thing about these ways to give is they’re essentially passive. Once you set them up, you can support Parkinson’s and the Davis Phinney Foundation, sometimes on a daily basis, without spending any time or effort to do so.

Looking for More Ways to Support Living Well with Parkinson’s Today?

Team DPF is our grassroots fundraising community that raises money to help people with Parkinson’s. You can turn almost any event or activity into a fundraiser for the Davis Phinney Foundation, and we’re here to help you succeed.

Team DPF is made up of individuals who have a passion for helping improve the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s and currently contributes over 35% of the Foundation’s total revenue each year. With many efforts, great and small, we make a bigger difference together than we ever could alone. Learn more and join Team DPF today.

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That is great list and all I can say as a physical therapist is that positive thinking is the half of the way of living good with Parkinson’s.


More info can be found here:

when I was at University studying Forestry in the seventies, we had a Faculty moto saying of :

Nulle Bastardo
Carborundum Est

Loosely translated it means:

Don’t let the B—tards Grind you down

I remind myself everyday of that little moto when I ache everywhere… PD is like that unrelenting and YOU have to be the master! not it…
Get Going!
Every Day Counts.


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