Where Will You Spend Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday 2018 - Davis Phinney Foundation

There’s no doubt that tomorrow you will be inundated with emails and news stories about Giving Tuesday.

In case you’ve never heard about it before, Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday) is a global day of giving that officially kicks off the charitable season. Since its beginning in 2012, over 300 million dollars have been raised online in over 150 countries. So, it’s a pretty big day, especially for nonprofits like the Davis Phinney Foundation.

#GivingTuesday - 2018

The question is, with so many extraordinary causes to get behind, why should you give to us?

We hope it’s because you or someone you love has…

  • Received our free Every Victory Counts™ manual and it has proved to be an invaluable resource
  • Attended The Victory Summit® Event (or events) where you learned useful information, connected with an engaged community and were changed because of it
  • Listened to The Parkinson’s Podcastor watched our Ask the Parkinson’s Expert video series and took action that has made a positive impact on your life
  • Learned something from us on our blog that has helped improve your quality of life
  • Participated in a fundraising event that inspired you to reach your goals
  • Worked with members of our staff to get the tools, resources and information you need to live well
  • Attended an event hosted by a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador or one of our new Sidekicks™ programs and it renewed your joy for life
  • Made a commitment to live well in 2018 because of your interactions with us
  • Been inspired by the impact we strive to have each year and want us to have even more of an impact in the coming years

If any of those have been true for you, we hope that you’ll decide to spend Giving Tuesday with us. As we like to say here, Every Victory Counts and on this global day of giving, every dollar counts.

Show us your support by donating here on Giving Tuesday.

Wishing you a season of health, love and living well.

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