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Parkinson’s care partners are the secret to many thriving Parkinson’s care teams. Unfortunately, care partners are also often unsung heroes who receive the least attention and have the fewest educational opportunities designed just for them.

We are changing that by launching an educational program designed specifically for care partners. It’s our Parkinson’s Care Partner Training! To learn more about the program, we’re offering a webinar featuring Dr. Jori Fleisher on Friday, September 22, 2023, from 2-3 pm MDT (link at bottom of page).

Who is Dr. Jori Fleisher?

Dr. Jori Fleisher is a movement disorder neurologist and epidemiologist who leads the Rush Advanced Interdisciplinary Movement Disorders Supportive Care (AIMS) Clinic and the CurePSP Center of Care. She also serves as the Leslie Nan Burridge Endowed Faculty Scholar in Parkinson’s Research and is an associate professor of neurological sciences at Rush University Medical Center.

Dr. Fleisher is engaged with several studies focused on interdisciplinary home visits, telemedicine, interprofessional education, and peer mentoring to improve the lives of people and families living with advanced movement disorders.

You can learn more about Dr. Fleisher’s research by watching our conversation with her earlier this year.

Four goals of our Parkinson’s Care Partner Training

Parkinson’s care partners often take on critical aspects of Parkinson’s care for their person with Parkinson’s–from scheduling appointments and picking up prescriptions to tracking changes in symptoms and providing transportation to doctor’s visits. As a care partner, you may also have to navigate complex insurance policies, interpret governmental requirements around disability, and manage many aspects of daily life while remaining a fierce daily advocate and partner for your loved one.

The sheer scope of what it takes to be a care partner can be overwhelming, and to help you thrive in your life as a care partner, this webinar will provide four key things:

  1. An overview of what care partnering looks like at different ages and stages of Parkinson’s
  2. A description of the different types of relationships a care partner may have to manage
  3. Tips for navigating the burdens and stress of being a care partner
  4. Simple actions you can take daily to live well and thrive as a care partner

During this webinar, we will share more details about the upcoming care partner course, which will run from September 29, 2023 through November 10, 2023.

SIGN UP today To join us!

To access the upcoming webinar, please sign-up here.

Please note that we will record the webinar on September 22, but we will only send the video to those who are registered, so even if you can’t attend live, please visit the link above and let us know of your interest.

We hope you’ll join us!

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