[Webinar Recording] Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s – A Virtual Forum


For many living with Parkinson’s, DBS has the power to reduce or eliminate OFF times, reduce the frequency and dose of medications, and dramatically improve quality of life.

In this webinar, we touched on the what, when, why, how, and more of DBS from movement disorder specialists who recommend it, surgeons who perform it, companies that make the devices, and a person with Parkinson’s who is living with it.


In this 90-minute virtual panel, our experts answered a wide variety of questions:

  • What is DBS or deep brain stimulation? (06:11)
  • When do you begin to think of DBS as a potential treatment for a person with Parkinson’s? (06:50)
  • What symptoms does DBS help? (08:37)
  • What symptoms don’t respond to DBS? (10:40)
  • What criteria do you use to determine who’s eligible for DBS? Who has the best outcomes? (14:11)
  • What criteria exclude people from being a good candidate for DBS? (16:34)
  • What workups do your patients undergo to determine whether or not they’re eligible for DBS? (18:55)
  • What’s the ideal timing for DBS? (22:08)
  • How does DBS impact Parkinson’s progression? (24:46)
  • What are the different types of DBS devices? (28:06)
  • What does the surgical prep involve? (32:16)
  • What does the surgery involve? (34:52)
  • What’s the difference between asleep vs. awake DBS? (39:14)
  • What are the risks of DBS? (42:03)
  • How do you decide which area of the brain to target? (46:54)
  • Is DBS typically done on one side or both? (50:35)
  • How does DBS programming work? (55:20)
  • What symptoms can get worse after DBS? (1:02:39)
  • What can you do if your DBS is no longer working? (1:05:49)
  • Can DBS be reversed? (1:08:28)
  • What is the future of DBS? (1:11:57)
  • What is closed-loop DBS? (1:15:08)

To get access to the recording, click here.

To download the transcript, click here.
Note: This is not a flawless word-for-word transcript, but it’s close.

Further Reading

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