Continuity of Care and Exercising Safely with Parkinson’s

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Assembling a care team is one of the most important steps following a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Since Parkinson’s affects people in a variety of different ways and involves both motor and non-motor symptoms, it stands to reason that your care team should be equally multifaceted.

In this video, our Director of Education, Mel Dizon, and occupational therapist Julia Wood address the importance of continuity of care and ensuring that your care team is comprehensive and fits your needs. They also cover several ways to exercise safely with Parkinson’s and discuss how to make sure you have the best instructors and team in place.

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Julia Wood circle - Davis Phinney FoundationJulia discovered her love for working with people with Parkinson’s while completing her occupational therapy internship in neurological rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, MN. She dedicates her time and resources to the wellbeing of the Parkinson’s community by volunteering as a legislative advocate, hosting a cognitive fitness class and book club and presenting often for local support groups and educational seminars. Julia believes that people can best meet the challenges of living with Parkinson’s through education, resources and support. As an Ambassador, she works to empower people to live life to its fullest.

If you’d like to hear more from Julia, join us in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 24th for The Victory Summit Event® where she’ll be speaking on a panel about assembling your Parkinson’s Dream Team. You can register for free here.



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