Camping and Parkinson’s: Medications and DBS Management

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In this episode of “Camping With Parkinson’s,” our guides Marty Acevedo and Carol Clupny share things to consider regarding your medications and deep brain stimulation (DBS), both before and during your planned camping adventure.

Medication and DBS Management


  • Plan ahead to get extra medication before you leave or determine how you will refill your prescriptions on the road. Note: Many national pharmacies have branches all over the country
  • Take a photo of the labels on your prescription bottles and print or email them to yourself in case of emergency on the road. It’s also a good idea to take along a printed, updated list of all your medications; click here to download a worksheet that can help you keep track
  • Correctly timing your doses can be tricky if you are changing time zones. Writing down the time, including what time zone you are in, when you take each dose can help you keep track
  • If you have had DBS, be sure to pack your patient programmer, charger (if applicable), and extra batteries to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected. It’s also important to tell your partner where you are keeping these items in case of emergency


Check out some of the unique places, things, and adventures Marty and her husband, Ace Acevedo, have discovered thus far in their camper-van travels.

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Continue watching this series and learn from Marty and Carol about the different types of camping and campers, cognition and camping, how to manage symptoms while camping, and nutrition and exercise tips for camping adventures.


Email with your best camping stories or tips and tricks you would like to share with the Parkinson’s community. Interested in getting in touch with Marty and Carol? You can reach out to them personally by visiting Marty’s Ambassador page or Carol’s Ambassador page.

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