Walk a Mile in My Parkinson’s Shoes with Lorraine Wilson

Walk a Mile in My Parkinson's Shoes - Davis Phinney Foundation

Over the past nearly two decades, we have seen community members host everything from Parkinson’s fairs to quiz nights, wine tastings, silent auctions, and everything in between to raise awareness for Parkinson’s. We love seeing everyone play to their strengths and create events that represent their interests and who they are. The event we want to tell you about is no different.

Late last year, one of our Ambassadors, Lorraine Wilson, pulled off one of the coolest events we’ve ever seen. It was called “Walk a Mile in My Parkinson’s Shoes.” The goal was to build understanding and empathy for Parkinson’s in her community. It accomplished that and so much more!

Recently, Kayla Ferguson, our community grants manager, talked to Lorraine about the event and what it took to pull it off. If you want to be inspired and want a look behind the curtain to see if you’d like to create a similar event in your community, watch the video below. And, if you’d like even more tips, reach out to Lorraine. She is filled with ideas that work and loves helping others make a difference in their communities.


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