[Podcast] YOPD Council: Regaining Confidence in Young Onset Parkinson’s


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During this session, our YOPD Council leaders discussed regaining confidence after losing it in personal, professional, and social settings with the onset of symptoms in young onset Parkinson's.

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Show Notes

What can you do today?

"Talk yourself into doing that one thing that you've wanted to do for a while that you keeping finding an excuse not to do."
Tom Palizzi

"Put together that to do list of things you want to do and do them."
Steve Hovey

"To overcome apathy, pick a time for the things that you want to do and write them on your calendar."
Karen Frank

"Offer yourself some grace and flexibility, and ask yourself how you are feeling in the moment and what realistically you can do today."
Heather Kennedy

"Find the things you hate to do the most and challenge yourself to find ways to enjoy them."
Kevin Kwok

"Find somebody who inspires you and think about a piece of advice that they've given."
Amy Montemarano

"When you're feeling bad or sad for yourself, say to yourself, 'Well isn't this interesting... I wonder what's going on here?' and ask yourself how you could change it."
Amy Montemarano

resources and topics discussed 

Pass to Pass: An assistive hiking program for People with Parkinson's

Connect with Your YOPD Council Leaders

YOPD Council: How To Change Careers and Find More Meaning On Your Current Path

Working, Ambition, and Parkinson's

YOPD Council: Work, Money, Meaning, and Parkinson's

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