Give a Dime about Parkinson’s: A Red Letter Campaign


This month, join Parkinson’s advocates around the country in showing that you “Give a Dime” about Parkinson’s.

Inspired by the 1938 March of Dimes to End Polio, the “Give a Dime about Parkinson’s” founders international Parkinson’s experts Dr. Michael Okun, Dr. Bas Bloem, Dr. Ray Dorsey, and Dr. Todd Sherer are building a movement to end Parkinson’s. And you can be part of it. Here’s how:

Send a Red Letter to the White House

For the “Red Letter Campaign,” thousands of people with Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s advocates around the country will send letters to the White House requesting the following three actions:

  1. Ban chemicals that are linked to Parkinson’s, including paraquat, core purifiers, and trichloroethylene
  2. Ask that Medicare make its coverage of telemedicine permanent
  3. Ask the NIH to increase its funding tenfold

You can order a copy of the letter here or print the card anytime by clicking here. Then, personalize it, sign it, and mail it on March 16

Attend the live event on March 16

During this free, live event at noon EDT, learn the latest updates from host Larry Gifford, co-founder of PD Avengers, and Drs. Dorsey, Bloem, Okun, and Sherer; ask questions, and learn how to take action. Learn more and reserve your spot here.

Learn more

Send questions and comments to and learn more about the book Ending Parkinson’s Disease and the campaign in our recent conversations with Dr. Bloem and Dr. Dorsey.

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