How to Eat and Live Well with Parkinson’s

There is a picture of Jessica Schroeder, a blonde, white woman walking through the Target Freezer section, as shown by her red Target shopping cart. There is a faded blue bar at the bottom that says "How to Eat Well on a Budget". She is helping people live well with Parkinson's.

Finding out how to eat and live well with Parkinson’s isn’t an easy task. For years now, we’ve wanted to take you on a grocery store tour and share simple and sustainable ways to eat well quickly, on a budget, and with very little stress or fuss. Well, this summer, we finally made it happen. And now we’re ready to share it with you.

In this video, Registered Dietician (RD) Jessica Schroeder shares specific products and tips to eat and live well with Parkinson’s so the next time you hit the grocery store, you know exactly what to buy.


Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's Peloton ClubOur educational content is made possible because of the monthly donors in our Peloton Club. Want to become a member and help us continue to create the resources people need to live well with Parkinson’s? Learn more and register to become a member here. It’s as easy as can be to set it and forget it.

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