Our Ambassadors Modeled Living Well During Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Ambassador Leadership Conference - Davis Phinney Foundation.

There’s not a day that goes by that we’re not profoundly grateful to our 37 Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors and the work they do in their communities. From leading support groups to connecting with specialists, teaching exercise classes, advocating, fundraising and more, these individuals inspire all of us every day.

But during the past month, they took it to a whole new level.

Here’s a snapshot of what they accomplished and the number of people they reached.

2019 Parkinson's Awareness Month - Davis Phinney Foundation

When we asked them how they felt about what they’d done, here’s what a few more of them had to say:

I am so inspired by our community’s determination and support for one another.

I Love sharing my experience strength and hope with others, especially during Parkinson’s Awareness month!

I am just so glad to be an Ambassador!

Educating youth about Parkinson’s and seeing them engage with persons with Parkinson’s during Sidekicks is heartwarming. Talk about a victory! Participants conversed and laughed while they worked side-by-side to create not just art, but a community.

I met a young woman at a farmer’s market who was in tears as she told me about her dad who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She was so relieved to have resources for him.

Parkinson's does not stop life from moving forward. Life continues its course. Parkinson's is a course changer, not a roadblock. Life with Parkinson's reminds us that our cup of life is always half full and never half empty! #EVC

It has been so fun to spread the word, and I’m not finished yet!

The thread that tied all of their work together is the importance of giving back to their communities. Each one of them took their diagnosis—one that made many of them feel scared and out of control—and reframed it as new start. Today, they teach, connect, advocate, inspire and make a difference in ways they maybe never would have if it weren’t for Parkinson’s. And most importantly, they show others that it’s possible for them to do the same. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed and wondering what’s to come, or your Parkinson’s is progressing and the changes feel too big to bear, you can take action to live well today.

The value our Ambassadors get from connecting with and giving back to the members of their community is well documented in the research. It’s good to be good, and it’s healthy to connect. Our Ambassadors model the importance of that every day and they inspire us to do more of it ourselves.

Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors

Thank you Marty Acevedo, John Alexander, Carl Ames, Edie Anderson, Jim Armington, Jill Ater, Patti Burnett, Amy Carlson, Carol Clupny, Kimerly Coshow, Cidney Donahoo, Pat Donahoo, Julie Fitzgerald, Judy Freitag, Jan Grimes, Robin Hanson, Valerie Herrero, Kat Hill, Ken Hill, Steve Hovey, Corey King, Michelle Lane, Coe London, Angee Ludwa, Brett Miller, Bart Narter, Joe O’Connor, Tom Palizzi, Linda Partyka, Steve Quam, Brian Reedy, Lily Reedy, Carolyn Rhodes, Kevin Schmid, Rich Wildau, Lorraine Wilson and Julia Wood.


Meet our entire team of Ambassadors here. They are happy to provide the support, encouragement and resources you to need to start living well (better) with Parkinson’s.

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Presently, there is no end to Parkinsons, yet while scientists and researchers work hard to change that, the Davis Phinney Foundation exists to help people living with Parkinson’s live well today!

Thank you, Tom. And thank you for being one of our incredibly generous Ambassadors who work hard every day to share resources on how to live well with Parkinson’s today. You are all living proof that it can be done.

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