[Webinar Recording] Joy Breaks with Lorraine Wilson: Lettering and Doodling

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On May 4, we began our monthly dose of joy as Lorraine Wilson led us on the first of many “Joy Breaks” we’ll be taking this year. It was exactly what we needed, and we’re so grateful to Lorraine for offering these to our community.

Below you will find the recording, show notes, and resources you may want to check out to create your own joy breaks or use with us during our next session. If you’re just learning about these joy breaks now, head over here to register and join us on June 1.

To download the webinar audio, click here.

To download the webinar transcript, click here.

Lorraine also shared a poem she wrote the morning of the session called “I Was Walking” as a nod to The Wonkey Donkey. You can download it here. (If you want to see what inspired it, you can watch The Wonky Donkey video here or watch the recording of Lorraine reading the book during a mini joy break at The Victory Summit Event here.)

Show Notes

Lorraine opened the session by telling us that scattering joy is what brings her the most joy. If you’ve ever spent any time with Lorraine, in real life or virtually, you know how true that is. 

Soon after that, we got our supplies out and our hands moving with:

  • Drawing warmups for fine motor skills using our arms, wrists, hands, and fingers
  • Drawing exercises to boost cognition
  • Faux calligraphy practice (calligraphy practice sheets are available for download at the Tombow website)

Lorraine shared:

  • Some of her favorite pens, pencils, and watercolor pencils
  • Doodles, drawing techniques, shortcuts, and secrets that made us feel like artists
  • Different types of paper and why we might choose one over the other

Finally, one of the items Lorraine always brings to her joy breaks is the Joy Jar. Joy jars are a fun way to store creative ideas, funny prompts, and artistic dares. You can make your own jar with whatever container you have in your house, scrap paper, and a pen. Then, when you need a joy break, pick something out and give yourself a few minutes to play.

Next month, Lorraine will show us how to make an envelope book with tags. You can find the supplies list and register for our joy breaks here. (Note: If you’ve already registered, you don’t have to do it again.)

additional resources

Lorraine mentioned a few places she likes to go for art supplies. Here are some you may want to check out. But remember, you don’t need any special supplies to join our joy breaks. A piece of paper and pen/pencil can go a long way.

BLICK Art Supplies

Hobby Lobby



about Lorraine

Lorraine Wilson HeadshotLorraine is a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador, professor, exerciser, scuba diver, artist, advocate, and spreader of Joy! We love having her guide us during these much-needed joy breaks, just as she has done during so many creativity workshops in the past. You can find some of Lorraine’s other work here.

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