How Are You Living Well with Parkinson’s Today?

A man and woman jump into the air at the beach

As one way of honoring Parkinson’s Awareness Month, our Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors asked people at events and support groups all around the country what they do to live well each and every day. Their answers are as different as they are, and they all reminded us that naming and sharing what matters to you is important, whether you’re living with Parkinson’s or not.

We hope that their words will inspire you to name what you will do today to live your best life.

And, if you’d like to share what you do to live well, leave a comment. We’d love to know!

Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors

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Are you a person living with Parkinson’s or a care partner to someone with Parkinson’s and you’re having trouble living well? Our ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who embody our philosophy of living well today with Parkinson’s. Ambassadors share our resources and information throughout their local and regional communities to help people take action and improve their quality of life with Parkinson’s. And they’re happy to talk to you!

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